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Forcing Varieties

The Most Dependable Seed for Greenhouse Crops

THESE VARIETIES are used in all parts of the country by the best and largest growers in the business. If you are not familiar with these yarieties, give us a trial order and get acquainted with their merits. Below we give you a partial description, with complete text found in the pages of this catalog. We have appreciated a nice business on our forcing varieties and an order from you will be filled

the same day received.



best greenhouse variety and the earliest of

the Scarlet Globe type, and superior in every LETTUCE

way for greenhouse forcing with the shortest ;

top. Full description will be found on page GRAND RAPIDS FORCING. (Washing-

26. Price: 14 oz., 10c; 1 oz., 15¢; 4 Ib., ton Strain.) A splendid forcing strain.

30c; 1 Ib., $1.00, postpaid. Color a light green; heads very heavy; leaf crisp, tender and curly; quality

of the best. Complete description will be found on page 18. Price: 1 oz., lacs l-oz.,, 25¢e9 12: Ib.,970¢c53 12 Ib., $2.00, postpaid.




Grand Rapids, Michigan

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(Parcel Post, Eire: Freight or Boat)


Roney Orda metas ee el If your order of VEGETABLE AND FLOWER SEEDS, except PEAS, DOM slag Davnsecereneenten BEANS or CORN, amounts to $5.00 or more, we will allow you a 10 % cash discount. This discount does not apply on bulbs, special

Draft or Check ~ $.......-eeee offer collections, plants or any other item listed in this catalog, as these are NET CASH as quoted.

Postage Stamps - $........----- Michigan State Sales Tax is charged on all orders for home gardens, or wherever applicable.

OSs = E> Perea ne Discount does not apply on Canadian orders, and must be remit-

ted in U. S. funds.

More Order Blanks will be sent upon request. Always write letters on a separate sheet from your order. Make Money Orders or Checks payable to Grand Rapids Growers, Inc.

All of our seeds are tested, and we guarantee the vitality and purity to the full amount of the purchase price, but even with our quality seeds, success in gardening and farming depends largely upon cultivation, soil and weather ‘conditions, therefore, in no case can we be held liable for more than the amount actually paid for the seeds.

te this Spare | Quantity | NAMES OF ARTICLES WANTED Price



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SPECIAL NOTICE : cue uP ther names Sod addresses: Yur, ‘tiends about, your experience with our seeds?




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Sn Memuoriant


Master Farmer

President of the Grand Rapids Growers, Inc. since its organ- ization in 1919 until! 1946, when illness compelled him to give up his activities. He was nationally known for his agri- cultural and greenhouse work and played an important part in the development of the Grand Rapids Forcing Leaf Lettuce Washington Strain, which today is one of the best varieties known for greenhouse growing.

4 GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan

New and Outstanding Varieties for 1950

Beans, Kentucky Wonder Wax

67 days. Unsurpassed for a wax podded pole variety. A very heavy producer, vine 4 to 5 feet tall, good climber, very productive. Pods 7 to 714 inches long, light golden yellow, thick flat to oval, good quality, al- most stringless. Brittle and tender. Lb., 50c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.00.

Beans, Cherokee Wax Wary""'z5

days). Developed from an original selection made by Dr. W. C. Barnes, of South Carolina. The plant is large and erect, pods golden wax, measur- ing 61% inches long, oval, nearly straight, stringless at all stages; tender and of good quality. The most prolific wax podded variety, equal in yield to the best green pod- ded types. Lb., 40c. postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75; 50 Ibs., $15.00.

Cherokee Wax Beans

Sweet Corn Gold Rush 67 days. A first early yellow hybrid for the

early market with the strong hybrid vigor and productiveness. Stalks 6 feet tall. Ears 814! inches, 12- to 14-rowed, slightly tapered, well filled to the tip. Most attractive yellow, tight husk. Tender, sweet and of fine quality and flavor. During 1949 this was one of the best Sweet Corns on the market, and highly praised by all the market garden- ers who grew it. It truly is an outstanding variety. Lb., 50c, postpaid, Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $4.50; 25 lbs., $10.50; 50 lbs., $20.00.

We show in our catalog several selections Head Lettuce, Great Lakes of the Great Lakes Lettuce, namely Pre-

mier Great Lakes, Great Lakes No. 428, Great Lakes No. 407, Great Lakes No, 659 and Pennlake, which is a crocs of Great Lakes and Imperial 847. You will find these all listed on page 19, and we would recommend them as outstanding varieties for 1950.

This new garden Tomato was developed by Tomato, Stanton Garden yr Sgr ot Holland, Mich. During the entire life of the mother plant it has been fed a special formula which gives the seed more vitality. This shows up in the strength of the plant in resisting disease and withstanding drought. Growers report no sun scald during the summer of 1949. Plant spreads out to a maximum of 40 inches and holds the fruit off the ground. Foliage is moderate and covers the fruit very well. Fruits are globe-shaped, uniform in size, about 21%4 to 3 inches in diameter. Medium to dark red in color, solid fruit, some with very few seeds. Priced in any quantity at $10.00 per thousand seeds. It is new and it is recommended for every gardener’s needs.

Gold Rush Sweet Corn

: tant Great Lakes Lettuce ; Gatdarctante

Grand Rapids Growers, Inc. Thirtieth Annual Seed Catalog



By Carefully Following These Suggestions, Many Mistakes Will Be Avoided

Order Blanks

Order blanks have been inserted in this catalog for your convenience. Please use them. Fill in your NAME, POST OFFICE, SHIPPING POINT or nearest EXPRESS OFFICE, your COUNTY and STATE, as this is as important in the prompt filling of your order as the order itself. Write plainly and avoid mistakes. Additional order blanks are mailed with every order. If you do not receive them, please no- tify us, and we will be glad to furnish them.


We will ask that you send your remittance with your order. ON ALL ORDERS OF VEGETABLE AND FLOWER SEEDS except PEAS, BEANS and

CORN, amounting to | $5.00 |

allow a 10% cash discount. This discount dees not apply on bulbs, special offer collections, plants or } any other item listed in this catalog, as these are J NET CASH as quoted.

This offer is good enly in the United States, and while we do not think there will be any serious changes, all prices quoted are subject to change without notice. Michigan State Sales Tax will be charged on orders for home gardens or wherever applicable.’

or more, we will

How to Send Money

Remittance should be made by POSTAL MONEY ORDER, EXPRESS MONEY ORDER, BANK DRAFT or CERTIFIED CHECK. It is perfectly safe and your order will be assured of prompt handling. U. S. CURRENCY and U. S. POSTAGE STAMPS for small amounts, are acceptable but in this case the letter should be REGISTERED.

Canadian Customers (Notice)

We are very thankful for the business you have given us in the past and we will continue to give you our very best of service and quality seeds.

Please take special notice that we cannot make C. O. D. shipments to any part of Canada and cannot pay postage on any items of seed in this catalog above the pound rate.

We also ask that you make your remittance in United States funds as the discount on Canadian

paper is far in excess of where it was and will not

permit us to honor same at face value. You can, how-.

ee ee ese aaaa EE Ee °

ever, obtain a bank draft or money order payable in U. S. funds and will ask that you consult your banker or postmaster. Personal checks or currency are not


Limited Warranty

The Grand Rapids Growers, Inc., warrants to the ex- tent of the purchase price that seeds or bulbs are as described on the container, within recognized toler- ances. Seller gives no other or further warranty,

express or implied.

Small Orders

Small orders are just as welcome as the larger ones and re- ceive the same careful attention and prompt handling. All orders are filled the same day as received.

Large Quantities Parties buying large quantities of any one variety of seed will be quoted special prices on application.

Price of Seeds By Weight

We will supply HALF POUNDS and over at the pound rate; less than half pound lots are charged at the quarter pound and ounce rate.

Safe Delivery

All seeds and supplies sent out by us are fully insured and we guarantee their safe arrival. If they are damaged, notify us immediately.

Postpaid Prices (Important)

We prepay postage on all vegetable and flower seeds in packets, ounces, quarter pounds, half pounds and pounds at the prices quoted herein to any point of the United States or any of its possessions, and Canada; however, we do not pay postage on Beans, Corn or Peas beyond the “one pound’’ price; field seeds, Onion sets, miscellaneous supplies, or any- thing that is not specifically listed ‘“‘postpaid.”’ If such items are wanted by parcel post, add sufficient postage as per Parcel Post rates given below, but in any case, any money that is sent us additional, would be refunded immediately when the erder is filled, so be sure to include enough for postage.

e e Air Mail

On RUSH ORDERS received by air mail, wire or telephone for one ounce or more of seed, we will send by air mail if so requested at a normal charge of 6c per ounce of seed ordered, not exceeding 8 ounces, as the postal rate is 6c per each ounce. One ounce of seed would weigh more than one ounce when it is packed ready to mail. Where the mailing weight is less than one ounce we well pay the postage. On larger quantities

the schedule is: Per Pound Additional Zones Mailing Weight Pounds ATI SZ ert ee heres cistainte ae Gaceeetee als 55¢ de Boyett hh a seiele eepa haa a cetien Metehape a eoane 60c 8e 1 ee ee ae Pts en Tee ete 65c 14c HOS Sho HER EASES eS Oho eR REE 70c 24¢ GEE T HS academe Peveeter either ehois siemens 75c 33¢ if Of chk AE ACA Ra: cet Pais rer enh 75¢ 45¢ SE rete Dea RG os NAEP ac hae 80c 65c

This will give you overnight service to almost any point in the continental U. S.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is now 70 lbs. anywhere in the United States, and we advise sending seeds by mail as the service is good; however, on shipments of 20! lbs. and over it is cheaper to send by express, beyond the third zone.

Parcel Post Rates

Up to and First lb. including Over or fraction 10 ]1bs. 10 lbs.

Tia. Seance hee tee nn oko wore ar eons 10c 1.0¢ 0.75c Ist; within = 50 miles’ .2:52....-...3. 12¢ 2.1e 2.0c 2nd, within 150 miles .............. 12¢ 2.1ec 2.0c 3rd, within 300 miles .............. 13¢ 3.0c 2.8c¢ 4th. within 600 miles .............. 14¢ 4.5¢ 4.25¢ 5th, within 1000 miles .............. 15c 6.0c 5.50¢ 6th, within 1400 miles. .............. 16c 7.5€ 7.25¢ 7th, within 1800 miles .............. 17¢ 9.5¢ 9.25¢ 8th, Everything beyond .............. 18¢ 11.5¢ 11.25¢

CANADA all spartss Paste fers ove. cherdiers sates 14c for each pound If in doubt obtain your zone rate from your postmaster.

SSS ee Grand Rapids Growers, Inc. | Seed Merchants

Cor. Wealthy and Ionia Ave., S.W. Gran d R a pids, Mich.

Phone: 97216

6 GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan Asparagus

CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One-half ounce of seed will sow 50 feet of drill and produce about 500 plants. Drill the seed in rows about 24 inches apart, covering seed 1 in. Cultivate well, keep free from weeds and they should be all right to transplant to permanent beds the fol- lowing spring. An application of a good commercial fertilizer in the spring is recommended to avoid weed seed in barnyard manure and an application of phosphate and potash after the cutting period. Do not cut until third year, limit cutting to middle of June. Every fall before the seed is ripe, cut tops and burn them. Remember, the bed well planted will last for at least 20 years, treat it tale ; ge ;

: : e largest and mos *Mary Washington Rust-Resistant Asparagus onder ereen Aspar- agus. This is a decided improvement due to the untiring efforts of Prof. J. B. Norton, member of the Plant Breeding Staff of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Suitable for quick freezing. % oz., 15c; 0z., 25c; Y% \b., 70c; 1 Ib., $2.00, postpaid. P di New. Early maturity, heavy producer and fine quality. In aFadlS€ jooks: it is very similar to Mary Washington. The stems are just as large and just as green, but here it ceases, as Paradise is much milder, and will produce a crop the second year from seed. Remarkable results have been obtained, and it is recommended for the home gar- den as well as market. Suitable for quick freezing. 1% oz., 20c; o0z., 40c; Y Ib., $1.20; 1 lb., $3.50, postpaid.

Asparagus Roots

We have the Palmetto and Mary Washington Rust-Resistant Aspar- agus roots, every spring, and as we handle only the very best 2-year roots, that are locally grown, we will ask that you write us for prices in whatever quantity you may want.


CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One pound to 100 feet of drill; about three- fourths bushel per acre of Bush Beans. Beans thrive on a rich, warm, light soil. It is not safe to plant until about the middle of May, as the seed will rot in cold, wet ground, and plants will not stand frost. Plant dwarf Beans in rows 2 feet apart and from 4 to 6 inches aparti in the row. Lima Beans should not be planted until June first, when the soil is thoroughly warmed through. Limas will rot in cold ground.

Wax Podded Varieties Mary Washington Asparagus

(Valentine Wax). 50 days. Cherokee Wax Developed from an orig- inal selection made by Dr. W. C. Barnes, of South Carolina. The plant is large and erect. Pods golden wax, measuring 642 inches long, oval, nearly straight, string- less at all stages, tender and of good quality. The most prolific wax podded variety, equal in yield to the best green podded types. Seeds 80 per ounce. 1 Ib., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75; 50 Ibs., $15.00.

67 days. Unsur- Kentucky Wonder Wax passed for a wax podded pole variety. A very heavy pro- ducer. Vine 4 to 5 feet tall, good climber, very productive. Pods 7 to 7% inches long, light golden yellow, thick-flat to oval, good quality. Almost stringless, brittle, tender and fleshy. Lb., 50c, post- paid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.00. ° 52 days. Pods 4 Pencil Pod Black Wax ove round, very long, tender and entirely stringless. Ex- tremely productive. Best market garden- ers sort. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 lb., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50; 25 ibs., $7.75; 50 Ibs., $15.00. Suet: Retainer : ' : 2 - ; . ays. Small plant, very early and great yielder. Pods about 5% * Unrivaled Wax Beans inches long, somewhat curved, semi-flat, fleshy and very tender and stringless. Color pale yellow. 1 Ib., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75; 50 Ibs., $15.00. ; ¢ ld W (Top Notch). 52 days. An excellent early home garden variety. Pods clear gold- ipa olden Wax en yellow, broad, flat-oval, fleshy, brittle and stringless. Suitable for quick Unrivaled freezing. 1 lb., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75; 50 lbs., $15.00. Wax Beans

Pencil Pod Black Wax

% This*variety recommended by Michigan State College

GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan 7

Green Podded Varieties Landreth Stringless Green Pod

foliage and a longer, slimmer pod. Pods 6 to 8 inches long, slightly curved, meaty, and absolutely stringless. Undoubtedly the best round-podded Bean on the market today. Very prolific and an idea] variety for home garden, market gardeners and eanners. Suitable for quick freezing, 1 lb., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., SSS 20 Ibs., eee

5 ays. new introduction, and now one of the most pop- * Tendergreen uiar green Beans. Hardy; dependable cropper, medium large, dark green and stringless. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 lb., 50c, postpaid. Not post- paid, 10 Ibs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.00. 53 days. Similar to Landreth Stringless but pods are a little longer, straighter and more slender, more depressed between Beans and slightly lighter in color; early, hardy and of highest quality. 1 Ib., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $3.50; 25 lbs., $7.75; 50

Giant Stringless Green Pod

Ibs., $15.00.

Bountiful 48,8¥s- Best of the flat-podded varieties. Pods 614-7 inches long, thick, 0 flat and slightly curved. Stringless and of fine quality; color light green. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 Ib., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $3.50; 25 Ibs.,

$7.75; 50 lbs., $15.00.

5 52 days. A round-podded, stringless shipping and market variety. Black Valentine Pods 6 to 6% inches long, dark green, slightly curled. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 Ib., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75;


The Original Legume tnoculator

Burpee’s Improved Bush Lima

538 days. An improvement of Burpee’s String- less Green Pod. Vine is more erect, with darker

50 Ibs., $15.00. Refugee or 1000 to 12°.d2%5- A. ver pro-

ductive, hardy, vigor- ous late sort. Pods 5 to 5% inches long, some- what slender, round and slightly curved, al- most stringless and of good quality; color light green. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 Ib., 50c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.00.

Kentucky Wonder or Old Homestead

65 days. The most popular green-podded, climbing Bean; early and productive. Pods 8 to 9 inches long, very slender. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 Ib., 40c, postpaid. Not post- et ctaere 10 Ibs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75; 50 Ibs., 15.00.

Dutch Case Knife (Snisboonen). 65 days.

Pole Bean. Green snap pods, 7 to 8 inches long, straight, flat, brittle, of good quality; best as a shell bean. Beans very flat, ivory-white. 1 Ib., 60c, postpaid. Not erie 10 Ibs., $3.50; 25 lbs., $7.75; 50 Ibs.,


Scarlet Runner 64 days. An _ outstanding

Bean for its ornamental pur- poses put may also be used for green shell or snap Beans. Vine 10 to 12 ft. tall, dense glossy dark green. Has large, beautiful scarlet bios- a soms. Pods 6 to 6% inches long, broad, oval, . fleshy, stringy, fair quality in young stage. Landreth Stringless Green Pod 1 lb., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50.

Lima Beans Pole Varieties

: ° 88 days. An improved strain, vigorous, midseason, King of the Garden Lima productive. Pods 5 to 6 inches long, very flat and wide and uniformly four-seeded. 1 Ib., 50c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.00.

Dwarf or Bush Varieties

: 75 days. Both Beans and pods are larger than Burpee’s Improved Bush Lima the old type. The pods measure 5 to 6 inches long by 1% inches wide and are of a luscious flavor. They are frequently borne in clusters of from 5 to 8 pods. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 lb., 50c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.00.

: U.S. D. A. 75 days. A most excellent variety * Fordhook Bush Lima No. 242 and Baer ely saenlae with market gar- deners. Pods are about 5 inches long, containing 4 to 5 large, oval-shaped, very thick, white Beans. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 lb., 50c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 Ibs., $4.50; 25 Ibs., $10.50; 50 Ibs., $20.60.

° Thoregreen Green Cotyledon. (Baby Lima.) 65 days. * Henderson Bush Lima A vigorous, hardy, very early and small type of Bush Lima. Pods small, about 3 inches long, containing 3 to 4 small, flat, white Beans. Suitable for quick freezing. 1 lb., 40c, postpaid. Not postpaid, 10 lbs., $3.50; 25 Ibs., $7.75; 50 Ibs., $15.00.


Due to present rates of postage, and pending increases, please bear in mind that any- thing that is quoted “Not Postpaid” means that the postage will be extra and in the case of 10 Ibs. of Beans, the mailing weight would be at least 12! or 13°1bs..on which the rates in force at time of ordering would prevail. But in any cise, any money that is sent us additional, would be refunded immediately, when the order is filled, so be sure to include enough for postage. Present Parcel Post rates on page 5.

* This variety recommended by Michigan State College

8 GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Detroit Dark Red (Morse’s Strain)

Mangel or Stock Beets

CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One ounce to fifty feet of drill, five pounds per acre. Sow early in the spring, in rows about two feet apart; cover seed one and one- half inches deep, pressing ground firmly over the seed. When: plants are three inches high thin to about eight inches-apart in the row. The plants pulled may be used for greens.

120-150 days. A favorite with the Mammoth Long Red dairyman and farmer. Large, well-formed; dark red color, very nutritious; a big cropper. % oz., 10c; oz., lic; 14 lb., 35c; 1 lb., $1.00, postpaid.

(Yellow Eckendorf). 120-150 days. Golden Tankard Very productive and sweet; tops and neck very small; flesh yellow; especially relished by cows and sheep. % oz., 10c; oz., 15c; %4 Ib., 35c; 1 Ib., $1.00, postpaid.


A frequent application of nitrate of soda can be of great value to promote the life of this crop.

° ° 75 days. This variety pro- Italian Green Sprouting guces a large head, like Cauliflower, consisting of a compact cluster of bluish green flowers. When the central head is removed, the plant produces many branches, each bearing small heads. These are cut with 3 or 4 inches. of the branch attached and tied in bunches for market. The stems as well as the flower heads are cooked and served as Cauliflower. Suitable for quick freezing. % oz., 15c; oz., 25c; 14 lb., 85c; 1 Ib., $2.50, postpaid.


CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One ounce to 50 feet of drill; 6 to 8 pounds per acre. Beets prefer a well-prepared friable soil planted from 14 inch to % inch deep, according to the texture of soil. For an early crop sow in drills 1 foot apart. Sow as early as the ground can be worked in the spring. When plants are large enough to use as greens, thin to 3 inches apart in the row. Beets can be sown as late as July for main crop. Hen manure is recommended as a fertilizer in the rows; care being used that the seed does not come in immediate contact with the fertilizer.

* Early Wonder

a beautiful deep red color and is of excellent quality. Tops are small and erect. Exceptionally good for early bunching. 1% oz., 10c; 0z., 20c; 1% 1b., 50c; 1 Ib., $1.50, postpaid.

* Detroit Dark Red

smooth, medium size, globe-shaped; solid vermilion-red. Tops small, upright, dark green, shaded red. % oz., 10c; oz., 20c; 14 lb., 50c; 1 Ib., $1.50, postpaid.

Crosby’s Egyptian 58 days. Where an early market sort is

55 days. An early variety. It is turnip- shaped and is always smooth. The flesh is

(Morse’s Strain.) 55 days. The best for market gardens or home use. Roots skin dark red; flesh

desired, our strain is unequalled. Roots

a flattened globe shape, skin very dark red, flesh a trifle lighter, tops smail. 4% oz., 10c; oz., 20c; 1% Ib., 50c; 1 Ib., $1.50, postpaid.

Early Blood Turnip, Improved or slightly flattened, bright red, zoned and of good quality. Not so early as Detroit, but with a larger. coarser top. % oz., 10c; 0z., 20c; 14 Ib., 50c; 1 Ib., $1.50, postpaid.

Green Top Bunching

and erect. Foliage clean, grayish green that does not turn red or brown in the fall. Roots round, smooth and glossy, flesh bright blood-red. Mostly grown for Beet greens. % 0z., 10c; 0z., 20c; 14 lb., 50¢; 1 Ib., $1.50, postpaid.

60 days. Old standard table Beet. Roots nearly round

60 days. Early, extremely attractive bunching beet. Tops medium sized

Sugar Beets

Sugar Beets and Mangels are of great value for stock feeding, because of the improved health and condition of the animals, increased flow and quality of milk, and because of the saving in fodder. The yield is enormous, and the cost of growing is trifling. Grow a patch of them for winter feed. They are also excellent for poultry.

120-150 days. A most valuable,

Giant Feeding Sugar large yielding variety for feed- ing; half sugar, oval-shaped, skin rose colored, flesh white, very nutritious and easily harvested. % oz., 10¢; 0z., 20c; 1%4 Ib., 50c; 1 1b., $1.50, postpaid.

Italian Green Sprouting Broccoli

% This variety recommended by Michigan State College

GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan


CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One ounce will produce about 2000 plants; 10,890 plants will plant an acre of early Cab- bage ; and 7,260 plants for an acre of late. Three ounces of seed will plant an acre of early and five ounces an acre of late Cabbage. For early Cabbage, sow seed in hotbeds in Jan- uary or February. Transplant as early as possible to the open ground about two feet apart each way. For late Cabbage, sow in open ground in May and transplant about July first in rows 214 feet each way.

In fertilizing, we recommend hen manure at the rate of one handful to three feet in the furrow. Care must be used so that the roots do not come in direct contact with the manure.

Early Varieties

64 days. Heads round, very hard. Ma- * Golden Acre tures two to three weeks earlier than Copenhagen Market, but is otherwise quite similar. Owing to earliness and remarkable uniformity, will prove the most profitable early Cabbage for market gardeners. 4 ez., 20c; oz., 35c; 14 Ib., $1.65; 1 Ib., $3.10,


62 days. Market gardeners in Early Jersey Wakefield general consider this the best early variety. Conical heads are uniform in shape, very solid. Our stock is dwarf, compact and extremely early. % oz., 20c; oz., 35c; %4 lb., $1.05; 1 lb., $3.10,

postpaid. 65 days. Nearly as

Improved Copenhagen Market 21) ac Jorsy Wake. field. Stems short, heads large, round and solid, few outer leaves. 4% 0z., 20c; oz., 35c; 14 Ib., $1.05; 1 Ib., $3.10, postpaid.

66 days. A comparatively new strain with Green Acre the general characteristics of Golden Acre, but holds its green color longer, an added value to market gardeners and shippers. % oz., 35c; 02Z., 65c; % |b., $2.00; 1 Ib., $6.00, postpaid.


Golden Acre Cabbage

71 days. Splendid for home and Ferry s Round Dutch nem garden. Plants small and compact; stem short. Heads almost ball-shaped; commonly 7 to 8 inches in diameter, 6 inches deep, and weigh 4% to 5 lbs.; firm and of fair quality. % oz., 25¢; oz., 45c; 14 lb., $1.35; 1 lb., $4.00, postpaid.

Late Varieties

100 days. Decidedly the best va- Ferry’s Hollander riety of late Cabbage. Heads be- come firm while still rather small. They reach good marketable size in 90 to 100 days, but continue to enlarge, maturing in about 120 days. Plants medium small, allowing closer planting, short stem, erect and compact. Extremely hardy, splendid quality and keeps peifectly in storage until late spring. Decidedly the best variety for muck growing. % oz., 25c; 0z., 45c; 14 Ib., $1.35; 1 Ib., $4.00, tte vig es

ays. eavy yielding * Penn State Ballhead strain of the short stem Dan- ish Ballhead type. Originated by Pennsylvania State College. Yields as high as 26 tons per acre have been recorded. % oz., 2fc; oz., 40., 144 lb., $1.20; 1 Ib., $3.50, postpaid.

Danial Ballhead

° 95 days. Short-stemmed, heads * Danish Ballhead round, very solid and heavy. Splendid keepers, hardy, and the best winter sort. Not recommended for muck growing. % oz., 20c; oz., 40c; Y% \b., $1.20; 1 Ib., $3.50, postpaid.

7 105 days. Highly valued for its Premium Flat Dutch fine quality. Heads very solid, broad, round, flattened on top, fine grained and tender. % oz., 15¢; 0z., 30c; 4 lb., $1.00; 1 Ib., $3.00, postpaid.

° (Chieftain). 85 days. Large, flattish American Savoy heads, very curly and hard. One of the best Savoys. 1% oz., 25c; oz., 45c; 14 Ib., $1.35; 1

Ib., $4.00, postpaid. 90 days. Heads solid, of good

Mammoth Rock Red size and quality. 1% oz., 25c; 0z., 45ce; %4 lb., $1.35; 1 lb., $4.00, postpaid.

80: days. An exceptionally good variety, Red Stonehead forming uniform round heads; smooth, hard, of a glowing red color. A good keeper. % o0z., 25¢c; 0Z., 50c; %4 Ib., $1.50; 1 1b., $4.50, postpaid.

Yellows- Disease Resistant Varieties _ * Yellows Resistant Golden Acre (21°40 oroen cae

can be grown suc- cessfully on soil infested with yellows. Can be cut just as early as the standard variety, and has a similar yield. But under abnormal conditions and backward weather, it has a tendency to bolt readily and the regular strain is recommended. % oz., 25c; oz., 45c; % I|b., $1.35; 1 1b., $4.00, postpaid. ° ° Yellows-resistant). 90- * Wisconsin Hollander No. 8 {35 ances pede ing late storage type, highly resistant to yellows. Round head, and yields greater tonnage than ordinary strains. 4% oZ., 25c; 0z., 45¢; 44 Ib., $1.35; 1 Ib., $4.00,

postpaid. . ih

° om ays: yellows-resistant strain * Marion Market of Copenhagen Market. Round head and crisp tenderness of the parent cabbage. Princ- ipally adapted on yellows infested soils where non- resistant strains fail completely. % oz., 15¢; oz., 25¢c;3 1% Ib., 85c; 1 lb., $2.50, postpaid.

%& This variety recommended by the Michigan State College


10 GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Celery Cabbage

CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One ounce will produce 2000 plants. Do not sow seed till the last of May, earl.er sowing generally going to secd instead of making heads. Seed may be sown in seed beds and transplanted in rows three feet upart and about fifteen inches apart in the row, or may be sown in rows and thinned.

Mi hihhi 70 days. A new strain of Celery Cabbage. In habit of plant it resembles Chi- 1Cnin hili, but the growth is more vigorous. The leaves are dark green and do not have the yellowish cast of Chihili. The leaf margins are waved and the individual plants are very uniform, It is surer heading, and in trial plantings made on a commercial scale it has produced 99% marketable heads. %4 ©z., 35¢; oz., 65c; 14 Ib., $2.00; 1 Ib., $6.00, postpaid.

Chihili 70 days. Imported from Holland. This is the true strain. It has a delicate flavor, Til much milder than Cabbage. 'The heads are long, about 16 inches, rather slim, coming to a point at the top. Color is very dark bluish green, with the inner leaves and stalks blanched to a beautiful snow-white. This past season it proved its place and is highly recommended as a irue strain. % oz., 15¢; 0z., 25c; 1%4 Ib., 85c; 1 Ib., $2.50, post-

Swiss Chard

CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. One ounce to fifty feet of drill; five pounds per acre. Sow early in the spring, in rows eighteen inches apart and thin to one foot apart. The plants are of very rank growth, and will continue to grow and produce all summer, and if given a little protection during the winter, will produce early greens in the spring.

55 days. Leaves large and Lucullus curly. Plant grows about 2 feet high, midribs are very broad and are a good substitute for Asparagus during the summer months. % oz., 10c; oz., 15c; %4 lb., 45c; 1 Ib., $1.35, post- paid.

A Chard of unique New Rhubarb crimson color. Stalks sweet and succulent. Bright red in color; leaves green to bronze, heavily veined with red. Plants are vigorous and will yield a tremendous crop throughout the summer and fall, until frost. Pkt., 10c; 1 0z., 30c; 14 lb., $1.00; Seine ‘Chara i Ib., $3.00, postpaid.

Brussels Sprouts

The culture is the same as for Cabbage which it resembles, the edible part being the small heads, an inch or two in diameter that form at each leaf joint all the way up the stalk. The leaves should be broken off in the fall to give more room for the little heads to grow. Delic- ious and more tender than any Cabbage. 90 days. Suitable for quick freezing. Half-dwarf. % 02., 25¢e; 0z., 50c; 4 Ib., $1.50; 1 Ib., $4.50, postpaid.

You have bought them on the market in the little quart boxes as shown. Why not grow your own? It will be an effort worth while for you to have them in your

own garden. Brussels Sprouts

GRAND RAPIDS GROWERS, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan 1]


CULTURAL DIRECTIONS. Carrots require about the same sim- ple care as Beets; they have no serious insect enemies, and they are rarely attacked by disease. It is best to plant them in soil that is friable and richly fertilized. Plant the seed one-half inch deep in loose, well-prepared soil, making rows 16 to 24 inches apart. Cultivate as soon as the plants are well established and thin to 2 or 4 inches in row, according to size of the variety. Plantings may be made from early spring until mid-June. For winter storage the later date is advisable.

te Nantes Coreless, Strong Top 68 days. A very superior Carrot.

It is coreless, brittle, fine grained -and of fine, mild, sweet flavor. The color is reddish orange and the skin is smooth. It is 6 inches long, cylindrical, and very stump- rooted. Suitable for quick freezing. % oz., 15c; 0z., 25c; 14 Ib., 85c; 1 Ib., $2.50, postpaid.

75 days. Resembles a small refined Danvers Supreme Half Long with short tops. Roots 6 to 7 inches long, about 2 inches in diameter at shoulder, tapering to a half stump. Exterior smooth and of excellent color. Interior flesh tender, sweet and of fine flavor. Core small and the same dark red as the rest of the flesh. % oz., 15e; 1 ez., 25c; 1% lb., 85c; 1 Ib., $2.50, postpaid.

| 77 days. Smooth and attractive in appearance, 7 to 8 mperator inches long, with rounded shoulder and medium tapered roots. And the deep orange color of the exterior extends through- out the core and inside flesh, making it a Carrot of exceptionally fine flavor and quality. Used extensively for bunching. % oz., 15¢; 1 oz., 25c; 1% Ib., 75c; 1 Ib., $2.25, postpaid.

: 77 days. An ideal new bunching Carrot for shippers * Streamliner and market gardeners. Tops short, rather sparse, dark green and strong. Roots long, slender, nearly cylindrical, 8 to 10 inches long, and they grow completely underground. 1% oz., 15c;

1 oz., 25c; 4 Ib., 75c; 1 1b., $2.25, postpaid. Imperator Carrots

is : T 70 days. A strain of Chantenay * Ch t Red-Cored 70 days. This is a dis- Chantenay, Long ype bred especially for growing on antenay, Ned-LOFed tinct improvement over .oi1g where the moisture table is high. Tops are shorter the well known standard Chantenay, especially than the regular Chantenay. Roots definitely longer but in color, texture and quality of flesh. Roots 5% fully as large; stump rooted at maturity. Texture and to 6 inches long, 2% inches thick at the shoulder; = joy equal to Red-Cored Chantenay. Suitable for bunch- tapered stump root. Flesh and cone reddish CRaES Ss ing or bushel use. Suitable for quick freezing. 14 02Z., 15¢; fine grained and tender. A favorite with canners, 1 97 25¢; 14 Ib., 70c; 1 Ib., $2.00, postpaid. market gardeners and shippers. Suitable for quick freezing. 1%4 0z., 15c; 1 0z., 25c; 14 lb., 70c; 1 lb., Touchon $2.00, postpaid.

68 days. A quality Carrot for home and market garden. Tops medium height and strong. Roots orange-scarlet, 6144-7% inches long; 14-14% inches thick; straight, cylindrical, strictly stump-rooted. Flesh deep orange with inconspicuous core. Similar to Nantes but preferred by some for greater length and stronger top. Suitable for quick freezing. % oz., 15c; 1 02., 25¢; %4 Ib., 85c; 1 Ib., $2.50, postpaid. : 77 days. Tops short; foliage rather * Morse’s Bunching coarsely cut and stems medium size and strong. Roots at maturity are 14 to 1% by 8 inches in size, almost cylindrical with rounded shoulders, and are well stumped. 1% oz., 15c; 1 0z., 25c; 14 Ib., 75c; 1 Ib., $2.25, postpaid. : 85 days. Good variety for deep sandy soil. Long Orange 1; oz, 15c; 1 0z., 25c; 14 Ib. 75¢; 1 Ib, $2.25, postpaid. 60 days. A small, early, stump-rooted va- Scarlet Horn riety of good flavor and quite coreless. The roots will average about 3 inches long. % oz., 15c; 1 oz., 25¢; 14 Ib., 85e; 1 Ib., $2.50, postpaid. 72 days. Very short, thick and Oxheart or Guerande stubby. Very desirable for heavy clay soil, as it is easily harvested. % oz., 15¢; 1 0z., 25c; 1% Ib., 75¢; 1 lb., $2.25, postpaid.

° : 95 days. Large, white stock Carrot. % White Belgian ¢7.15c; 1 0z., 25¢;